Jason Z. Shen, CPA is a NYS Certified Public Accountant. The business includes Auditing, Accounting, Finance and Taxation.


Jason Z. Shen, CPA obtained B.S. Economics at Peking University in China and M.S. Accounting at SUNY Binghamton University. He has over 20 years experience of Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Financial Analysis and Economic Research. He specializes excellently in planning and strategies of individual and company saving taxes legally for federal and 50 states and E-file. The Taxes include: Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Sales Taxes and Estate Tax. Due to his CPA qualifications and comprehensive experiences, his tax services will result in higher tax refunds and lower tax examinations. And his other services include: Company Filing, Tax ID, Financial Statements Making and auditing; Full Charge of Accounting and Financial Consulting.

沈澤憲會計師擁有北京大學經濟學學士和紐約州賓漢頓大學會計學碩士學位,有20多年會計、審計、稅務、財務分析和經濟研究經驗, 精通全美50州個人和公司合法省稅策劃及E-file。稅項包括收入稅、薪資稅、銷售稅及遺產稅。沈會計師以他精良的服務和豐富經驗,將助您獲取高退稅及避免查稅。他提供的其他服務包括:公司成立,稅號,財務報表及審計;全套公司會計及財務咨詢。

Now the CPA offers Online Tax Saving Services to clients. The CPA Tax Savings online is a CPA professional service online to prepare taxpayer tax returns on basis of CPA’s tax analysis, application of tax saving knowledge and skills, optimum choice of saving tax alternatives and design of tax savings strategies. Stay Home. Hands-off. Pay Lower Prices. Stop fooling yourself to file tax returns by yourself for hours and pay higher software price and higher taxes. Stop fooling yourself to visit CPA offices and pay higher price as well. Just upload or fax your tax documents. The CPA on line will professionally take care of everything for your saving taxes and tax returns filings.


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