Individual Tax Returns Price List:

1.Basic Returns $40– Wages, interest, dividends and non-itemized.

基本報稅$40 – 包括工資、利息、股息及不分類抵扣。

2.Itemized Returns $90– Everything in Basic plus Itemized deduction, such as mortgage interest, real estate tax, charity donations, education and medical expenses.

分類報稅$90 - 包括基本報稅項目,加上分類抵扣,比如抵押貸款利息、房地產稅、捐款、教育和醫療費用等。

3.Investment Returns $110– Everything in Basic and Itemized Returns plus stocks, bonds, mutual funds and/or properties sold and schedule K-1 received from Partnership, LLC, S-Corp etc.  If there are NO Itemized Deductions, the price will be $90.

投資報稅$110 – 包括基本和分類報稅項目,加上股票、債劵、共同基金、財產出售,及申報合夥生意、LLC、和S-Corp 的K-1表格等。如無分類項目,價格為$90。       

4.Home & Business Returns $130- Everything in Basic, Itemized and Investment returns plus Schedule C for Sole-Proprietors, the Self-Employed, Consultants, 1099 Contractors, and Single Owner-LLC. If there are NO Investment items, the price will be $110. If there are NO Itemized Deductions and Investments, the price will be $90.

家庭小商業報稅$130 - 包括基本、分類及投資報稅項目,加上C表 (申報獨資、自僱、咨詢、1099合夥生意等)。如無投資項目,價格為$110; 如無分類及投資項目,價格為$90。       

Note: Above prices include E-file fee and one state tax returns. When more than one state returns, each state tax return will be charged $25.  And above prices are based on general returns, the prices of complicated returns will be estimated.


Business Tax Returns Price List:

Simple - $250 to $500
簡單- $250 -$500
General - Start at $500
普通 - $500 起

Others: 其他
Gift Tax Returns - Start at $140                                              
禮品稅 - $140起
Fiduciary Tax Returns – Start at $190
信托稅 - $190起
Estate Tax Returns – Start at $490
遺產稅 - $490起

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