Preparation of Individual Tax Documents:

1. Personal Information: Names, SSNs and Birthdays of yourself and your spouse and dependents. Your Current Address. Last Year Tax Returns.

2. Income Information: W-2s, 1099s, Business Income and Expenses, K-1, Capital Gains/Loss, IRA/Pension/Annuities Distributions, Unemployment Compensation, SS Benefits, Rental/Royalties/Trust and Other Incomes.
      收入資料:W-2, 1099,  生意收支,K-1,  投資損益,退休賬戶提取,失業金,社安福利及其他。

3. Deductions Information: IRA Contribution, Student Loan Interest, Mortgage Interest, Real Estate/Properties Taxes, Sales Tax, Donations, Un-reimbursed employee expenses, etc.
       抵扣資料:IRA, 學生貸款利息,抵押貸款利息,房地產及財產稅,銷售稅,捐款,未報銷雇員工作費用等。

4. Credit Information: Qualified Tuition and Fee (1098T), Child and Dependent Care (School Name, Address, Tax ID Number), Foreign Tax, and Residential Energy etc.

Preparation of Business Tax Documents:

1. Company Information: Your company name, EIN, address and business. Names, SSNs and home addresses of shareholders/partners/LLC members.
      公司資料:公司名字、稅號、地址及經營項目,股東及合夥人姓名、社安號 及家庭地址。

2. Financial Statements: Income Statements and Balance Sheets. If there are not Financial Statements, making them for all year is charged $800-$1,200 for general simple ones. Complicated ones will be estimated.

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