Procedure of Filing Tax Returns online:

1.Read the Price List and Instructions.
2.Log on. Create your username and password. After log on and verified, you can keep your private information secretly on the highly secured web-site, upload tax documents and download the filed tax returns safely, communicate with the CPA confidentially, and check your filing and refund status.

3.Fill the form. Only need to fill name, telephone number, E-mail and current address. Scan and upload your tax documents. You can fax them as well. You have got to provide your bank account if you have tax due or want to refund directly to your account (by scanning a voided check). 

4.You will be contacted by phone or e-mail from the CPA and discuss your tax issues with you. And you will make a choice for one of best alternatives of saving your taxes.

5.Make payment by PayPal. PayPal will charge the amount in accordance with the price list and your agreement or a check in the amount has got to be received before e-filing.
  用PayPal 付費。PayPal 將扣除您同意的金額。如付支票,其金額須在電子報稅前收到。

6.E-file authorization letter will be e-mailed or faxed to you and you have got to sign and send them back.

7.Your tax returns will be e-filed and the confirmation with a copy of tax returns will be uploaded to your account. Then you have got to print them out and keep on file. After three years, the copies of old tax returns will be deleted.

8.Check your refund status in the website by entering your SSN, filing status and refund amount.

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